World's Smallest Bodybuilder Looking for Love

The world's smallest bodybuilder is taking England by storm.

The 2-foot, 9-inch tall Romeo Dev — who weighs just over 20 pounds — has become a global star and Internet sensation in recent years. His pint-sized pull-ups and weightlifting have won him thousands of fans around the world.

PHOTOS: See Romeo in action.

But this Romeo is still searching for his Juliet.

"I like girls but I feel a little bit shy around them because of my size,” he told The Sun. "I haven't had many girlfriends. I don't think I can impress them with my muscles.”

Dev lives in Punjab, India, where he is a huge celebrity after making the Guinness Book of Records in 2006.

He found fame after being spotted on his regular gym visits.

"I'm always in the gym," he explained through his interpreter. "I train two times a week to do sit ups, pull-ups and weightlifting. I love it. The men here in London are very good. They do the same things that I do.”

His dad, Anil Dev, 51, said Romeo got into weightlifting by watching TV.

"He saw muscly Indian stars on the television at the age of about 10. That was when he decided he wanted to be like them."

His mother said she was very proud of her son, one of three children.

"All of Romeo's clothes are especially made. Everything is made to order because he's such a unique size,” Rakesh Bala told The Sun.

Dev even has custom-sized dumbbells that weight 3.3 pounds.

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