Pam and Kate: With Baby, or With Burrito With Extra Guacamole?

Two of the world's most famous party girls may be slowing down for about nine months or so.

Pamela Anderson was snapped with a protruding pooch outside of a Target on April 1 in Hollywood, while Kate Moss was photographed on her way to a play in New York City showing a ballooning belly in a loose-fitting green dress on April 2.

So what do you think: are the stars sporting baby bumps, or did they just order extra guacamole with their burritos?

PHOTOS: Kate Moss's pooch pic, plus more of the London-based late nighter.

PHOTOS: Pam Anderson's pooch pic, plus more of the West Coast party queen.

If two little kiddos are on the way, the moms should definitely get together for playdates. They could swap margarita recipes, or hangover cures!

Or, on second thought, maybe not.

For the sake of the babies.