'Miracle on Hudson' Flight Becomes iPhone App

You, too, can be a hero.

For 99 cents, iPhone and iPod Touch users can now download a flight simulator called "Sully's Flight" which lets you recreate this past January's "Miracle on the Hudson."

Based on the "X-Plane" flight simulator, also available at Apple's App Store, the game takes you through takeoff, hitting a flock of geese, losing power in the engines, circling around Manhattan and trying to land in the Hudson River.

But be very careful — tilt the iPhone too far in any direction, and you'll end up sinking the jetliner and will have to start all over again.

Best of all, the game's audio is the actual air-traffic control recording between the stricken Airbus 320's crew, led by pilot Chesley Sullenberger III, and ground control.

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