Drew Peterson Angered by Memorial Ribbons for Wives

Drew Peterson is protesting the hanging of ribbons meant to honor his murdered third wife and missing fourth wife by allegedly cutting them down in the middle of the night and calling the police on his neighbors, the Herald News reported.

Dressed in black, he and one of his children reportedly slipped out of their house around midnight Sunday and started taking down the memorials after calls to the police failed to halt the weekend activity.

Stacy Peterson disappeared in October 2007. Her husband has been the focus of a police and grand jury investigation, but he has not been charged. Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio's death in a bathtub was ruled a homicide after initially being deemed accidental. Savio's body was exhumed and re-examined after Stacy Peterson vanished.

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Peterson's neighbor Sharon Bychowski, along with 20 others, put white and purple ribbons on trees in the development Saturday afternoon. Soon after, Peterson cut the ribbons off four trees, Bychowski told the Herald News.

She put up another four, and they were again cut down. This continued throughout the weekend until Peterson called the police late Sunday afternoon.

"Drew called, complaining streamers were being put on the trees in the parkway," Teppel said. "He wanted them down because it is against village ordinance."

But, the ribbons weren't violating any ordinance and police didn't take action, Teppel told the Herald News.

Peterson allegedly started taking pictures of the group and got into a confrontation with at least one person who was hanging the ribbons, the newspaper reported.

"They're a bunch of liars and low-life (expletives)," he said of the group who repeatedly placed the ribbons on the trees. "There's not a job between them."

Peterson declined to comment when the newspaper asked him about the allegations that he and his child cut the ribbons in the middle of the night.

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