Cindy Crawford Gets Naked in 'Allure' to Show Off Anti-Aging Regimen

When is too old to get naked in a national magazine?

If you are supermodel Cindy Crawford, 43 years old is not even close.

Crawford stripped down and lathered up in the April issue of 'Allure' to demonstrate her anti-aging regimen.

PHOTO: Click for the controversial NSFW photo of a sudsed-up Cindy Crawford.

PHOTOS: Click for even more hot Allure pics of Crawford.

Which, apparently, at 43, takes a little work.

"Crawford's skin-care regimen includes a day cream with antioxidants, a sunscreen, a night cream, ... an eye cream ... microdermabrasion ... and protecting the skin on her hands, neck, and chest," reads the caption accompanying the sudsy photo.

Judging from the results, it is all worth it.

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