Prisoner Known as 'Little Houdini' Caught

A slippery escape artist who was given the moniker "Little Houdini" after repeated successful attempts has been nabbed by police after nearly two weeks on the run.

Officers caught up with 34-year-old Christopher Gay in Florida on Monday. Gay, who was wanted in Coffee County, Tenn., on charges that he stole a Wal-Mart truck. escaped on March 3 when the deputy transporting him there from Orlando, Fla., stopped at a Waffle House.

That disappearing act led to a two-hour lockdown at Kennesaw State University.

Gay triggered several multi-state manhunts before, police told

In 2007, Gay escaped from a prison transport van in South Carolina. Police said Gay stole several vehicles including the Wal-Mart truck to get to Tennessee and his sick mother, reported.

Scared off by police near his mother's home, Gay allegedly took off with singer Crystal Gayle's tour bus in Nashville before he was caught with the bus at a Florida NASCAR race in Florida.

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