Feds to Go After Ruth Madoff's Assets

Federal prosecutors have notified a New York court that they also seek the assets of Bernard Madoff's wife, including a lavish silverware set and a $39,000 piano.

The move by prosecutors seeks the court's help in recovering all of the Madoff properties, especially those kept in Ruth Madoff's name.

In a court filing, the government said it will seek the $7 million Manhattan penthouse as well as another $62 million that Ruth Madoff had sought to keep.

RAW DATA: Ruth Madoff Court Filing

The assets that the government hopes to seize include four properties, $10 million in home furnishings and a $7 million yacht in France. The court document did not mention $2.6 million in jewelry, but the government did say it would seek forfeiture of "all insured and readily salable personal property" in any of the Madoff properties.

Also among the items listed in the court filing were several cars, fishing boats, a $65,000 silverware set and a $39,000 Steinway piano.

The 70-year-old Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty last week to securities fraud and perjury, among other charges.

Madoff's lawyers had indicated earlier that they planned to claim Ruth Madoff was entitled to keep as much as $69 million in assets.

They said the assets were not part of Madoff's fraud and that they were in her name.

Peter Chavkin, a lawyer for Ruth Madoff, declined to comment.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.