Attorney: Marko Jaric Not Charged After Probe Into Sexual Assault Allegations

The Philadelphia District Attorney's office will not to file charges against NBA star and Adriana Lima’s husband Marko Jaric despite claims of sexual assault, Jaric's attorney said in a statement sent to in response to the allegations first reported by Sports Illustrated.

The alleged incident took place on February 11, when Jaric’s team, the Memphis Grizzlies, was in Philadelphia to play the 76ers.

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"Persons in Marko’s position are often the target of malicious statements and it is not unusual for the police to be asked to investigate," the statement from attorney Bruce L. Castor, Jr. on behalf of Jaric said. "However, these allegations were proved to be completely false, and while Marko is extremely unsettled by these accusations, he is happy that the law enforcement authorities have cleared him of any criminal conduct and the issue can now be put to rest."

Jaric, 30, has played basketball professionally for seven years, and has been a guard for the Grizzlies for one season, said. A native of Serbia, he married Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima in February.

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