Video of German Teen Gunman's Death Appears Online

A grainy video posted on German Web sites Thursday allegedly shows a teen gunman's death in a parking lot showdown with police, AFP reported.

Tim Kretschmer, the 17-year-old mass killer who shot dead 15 people Wednesday, was eventually cornered by police who shot him twice in the leg. Police said he then turned the gun on himself to end his life.

The two-minute video, featured on several German Web sites, was shot on a cell phone and shows a figure wielding a gun as shots are fired around him. He paces back and forth and suddenly falls to the ground, where he is then seen sprawled on the concrete.

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Kretschmer warned of his plans in an Internet chatroom only hours before the killings, officials said Thursday.

Suspect Tim K. told others in the chat room that he was "sick of this life" and planned to attack his school in Winnenden, Baden Wuerttemburg state Interior Minister Heribert Rech said.

Rech said the suspect wrote, "You will hear from me tomorrow, remember the name of a place called Winnenden."

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