California Man Dies After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms

An 82-year-old Santa Barbara man died after eating wild mushrooms he picked and sautéed with a steak.

The man, Angelo Crippa, 82, died March 5 at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Crippa had picked poisonous Amanita ocreata mushrooms, which are common in the Santa Barbara area, at the Douglas Family Preserve above Arroyo Burro Beach.

His family says he sautéed the mushrooms and ate them with a steak.

About six hours later, he became seriously ill and was hospitalized.

Picking wild mushrooms was a lifelong hobby for Crippa, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Family members tried to discourage Crippa’s hobby, warning him of the dangers, but to no avail, Crippa’s wife Joan Crippa said.

"You couldn't tell him anything because he'd been so lucky for 82 years," she told the Times

The mushrooms picked by Crippa are nicknamed "death angel" for their snow-white appearance. The mushrooms sickened Crippa and caused his liver to fail.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.