Kangaroo Bursts Through Bedroom Window, Ransacks House

An Australian man fought off a 90-pound kangaroo after it burst through his bedroom window and rampaged around his house, terrifying his young children.

The confused marsupial smashed its way into Beat Ettlin's home in the Canberra suburb of Garran.

"I just saw this black thing. I thought it was a lunatic ninja, an intruder," the 42-year-old man told Sky News Online. "It just fell on top of us on the bed. A couple of seconds later I realised it was a kangaroo."

As the creature began bouncing on their bed, Ettlin's wife Verity tried to protect their 9-year-old daughter Beatrix who was also sleeping in their bed.

Verity, 39, told Sky News Online: "I just pulled the covers over our heads and screamed. It jumped on my shoulder, bounced across the bed and onto the bedside table. Can you imagine how close it was to my head?"

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