What Recession? Jennifer Aniston Spends $50,000 Dollars on Haircut

Jennifer Aniston likes her honey-colored locks parted down the middle in a simple, no-fuss style.

Has for years and years and years.

You'd think by this time she'd be able to use a brush or comb and achieve it all on her own, right?

Apparently, not even close.

When she was in London promoting her film Marley & Me, Aniston, 40, spent $50,000 keeping half of her hair on the left, and the other half on the right.

That's right. Fifty. Thousand. Dollars.

That's the price she paid to keep her stylist Chris McMillan with her during her Marley press tour, according to The Daily Mail.

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Here's how it breaks down.

Each styling session alone runs the star $2,000. Tack on a first class plane ticket from Los Angeles to London, an all-expense-paid stay for seven days at the poshest of posh London, and you’ve got yourself a $50,000 hairdo.

How much did Aniston overpay?

Had Jen gone to the Supercuts in Levittown New York, her simple cut would have cost her just $15. A wash, cut and blowout would have set her back about $45. And if she was feeling really crazy, Supercuts manager Julianne Sims told us she could have gotten a wash, cut, color and styling for about $150.

At the walk-in Jean Louis David salon on New York City’s Lexington Avenue, a simple cut and dry like hers — with tax — would cost her $57.20. According to JLD manager Valerie Ventalora, with a full color treatment, highlights, a cut, blow-dry and styling, her price tag would be $250.

Or she could have done it herself with a bathroom mirror and a $4 bottle of hair straightener.