Get Out the Door in Under Five and Still Look Fabulous!

The only thing worse then being late, is showing up and LOOKING like you raced out of the house. Let’s face it, things happen beyond our control; you forget to set your alarm, the power goes out, the dog eats your homework. But tardy can be tidy too! I call it the “five under five”. Five products. Five minutes. That's all you need to put your best face forward. Now hurry up and get reading!

#1- Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

In cosmetics (as in life) a solid foundation is key. Right now I am in lu-uh-uve with The SPF 18 Fluid Tint by La Mer, $65. You might think this stuff is expensive, but since it acts as a sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation, it’s actually cost-effective. It also provides just the right amount of coverage and has a nice velvety finish. Plus, the plastic tube (instead of a glass bottle) makes it ultra-portable. If that's not enough, your older self will thank you for the added sunscreen.

#2- Cheek and Lip Tint

For that perfect spring blush I use Prescriptives Colorscope Plush Blush For Cheeks and Lips, $20. This product is great for so many reasons. It doubles as a blush and a lip tint. In this economy the 2-for-1 is a winner with me, and it’s so small that you can throw in a purse or gym-bag. I also just discovered a new cheek stain by Tarte: A Perfect Whirled Limited Edition Natural Swirl Cheek Stain, $28. I layer this over the Prescriptives blush because it acts as an amazing highlighter and leaves a beautiful pink sheen. It’ll also help mask the hangover that caused this rush in the first place.

#3- Eyeliner or Mascara

Some girls say they can’t leave home without mascara, but I think that eyeliner is a great substitute! I’ve tried them all but my personal fave is Stila's Smudgepot in Black, $20. The brush takes a little getting used to but you can glam up your look by extending the line past your eyes, or keep it more natural and go with a thin line near the lashes.

If you’re a masacara girl, go for CHANEL's Inimitable, $30. Your lashes, and your inner shopoholic will thank you. If you can, make the trip to the flagship boutique in NYC ... I promise the experience alone will be well worth it. You’ll walk out with the prettiest wrapped makeup you’ll ever own. We’re taking prettier then that chrismas present Mr. Bean wraps up in Love Actually.

#4- Dry Shampoo

Even Clark Kent couldn’t shower, change and go in under five. In a rush, a shampoo and blow-dry are out of the question. Fear not my greasy haired hotties because you can just spray and go with Psssst Spray, $4.99. My best friend gave this to me, and a few months ago I’d have regifted it to someone else. But after using it a few times, it’s become my absolute favorite hair product. A few sprays of this mane-saver and you can skip the wash and just go. It also doubles as a texturizer and is AMAZING to use before curling your hair. In fact, it should be called Va-Va-Voom. I’ve heard that it’s sold in some drugstores but I buy it online. And don’t even think about asking for mine. You’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead, manicured hands.

#5- Perfume

Christian Dior said that ''long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers''. So you can get away with that fashion don't you threw on (I mean a leather jacket and corduroys? Really?) so long as you SMELL nice. That said, I don’t think anyone wants to taste your eau de stink mask, so use perfume sparingly. I absolutely LOVE LaVanilla’s line of perfume and body lotions, and they’ve finally come out with an ultra portable roll-on scent (yay!): The Healthy Roller Ball Pure Vanilla, $18, smells like childhood and sugar cookies and is a great choice for spring!

So the next time you’re running late—subway broke down again? That’s the fourth time this week!—you can rely on these little time savers to get you out the door fast and FABULOUS! And if you have a great time-saving tip, I’d love to hear about it on my Beauty-Full blog. You can also click here for even more great beauty tips and tricks.