Report: Weeks Before Florida Family Murder-Suicide, Daughter Spoke of Molestation by Father

Just weeks before a Florida father shot and killed his wife and two of his daughters before taking his own life, one of the girls confided in classmates that he'd been molesting her for years.

Priscila Amador, 14, told two friends at school about the alleged sexual abuse by her father, Pablo Josue Amador, according to the Miami Herald.

She said it had been going on since she was in elementary school, starting when she was between 6 and 8 years old.

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One of the students Priscila told went to her mother and the other recounted the story to her father, the Herald reported. The father told the paper that Priscila had given his daughter a letter just before she was killed and said he was "shocked" by it.

Police took the letter from him after the family massacre, the paper reported.

"When I read the letter she wrote, she was a desperate person," the father said.

Investigators say Pablo, 54, shot and killed his 47-year-old wife Maria Joy and two young girls Priscila and Rosa, 13, just before 6 a.m. Wednesday in their house before committing suicide.

His 16-year-old son Javier escaped unharmed after calling 911. The oldest child, 20-year-old Bea, wasn't home.

Marcela Cojulun, 14, a close friend of Priscila's and a classmate at Southwood Middle School, said Wednesday that the girl had opened up recently about being molested.

"She was telling me . . . throughout her life her dad would sexually abuse her. She was done with it and she didn't want to live," Marcela told the Herald.

She said her friend had recently been "emotionless" at school, and she encouraged her to get help.

"I tried to be as positive as I could with her," Marcela said. "I told her I loved her and to stay strong. I said she had to talk to somebody about this. She said she was too chicken to talk to her mom about it."

Priscila had recently grown so desperate that she had apparently become suicidal and cut herself, according to Marcela.

"She couldn't take any more, being sexually abused," Marcela said.

Marcela went to her mother, Gloria Cano, about a month ago. Cano says she wishes she had done something about it then.

"I really regret it," Cano told the Herald. "I don't know if this would have stopped. I don't have words."

Priscila posted a despondent message on the social networking site MySpace in the days before her death.

"I have gone through so much and yet I still try to stand tall, because this whole world is coming down on me, and me blocking it hurts more and more," she wrote."That's why I don't care anymore."

She didn't mention sexual abuse, the paper reported.

Police declined to comment on the allegations of molestation.

Pablo Amador was a well-liked music teacher who taught kids to play piano. Neighbors described him as a "regular dad" who had a happy family. His wife was the director of education at Miami's Project to Cure Paralysis.

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