Double Amputee Gets Mermaid Prosthetic From Oscar-Winning Special Effects Company

Most double amputees want prosthetic legs made, but Nadya Vessey from Auckland, New Zealand, wrote to a special effects company and asked if they could help her make a tail — so she could become a mermaid, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Weta Workshop, which is located in Wellington, New Zealand, has created special effects for movies like “Lord of the Rings” and “King Kong.”

“It was absolutely amazing,” costumer Lee Williams told the newspaper. “It’s beautiful to watch Nadya swim and to see that dream come true and to be a part of that. I feel quite blessed.”

Vessey’s legs were amputated when she was a child, due to a medical condition. Her fully-functioning mermaid suit is hand-painted with scales.

“A prosthetic is a prosthetic,” Vessey said. “Your body has to be comfortable with it and you mentally have to make it a part of yourself.”

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