Social Worker Accused of Raping Louisiana Inmate

West Feliciana Parish sheriff's deputies have arrested a Louisiana State Penitentiary social worker on one count of aggravated rape involving an inmate.

Sheriff's Capt. Spence Dilworth said Thursday that 32-year-old Gary Dewayne Midkiff of Baton Rouge is accused of using threats of violence on Oct. 7 to force the inmate to allow Midkiff to perform oral sex on the prisoner.

Dilworth said the inmate accused Midkiff of threatening to make false accusations against him in order to have correctional officers beat him, and the inmate said he submitted to Midkiff's demands in the belief the threats were real.

Detectives said Midkiff denied the allegations, but prison investigators and sheriff's detectives found four other complaints from different inmates accusing Midkiff of inappropriate sexual conduct.