Britney Says She's a 'Super Sexy' Housewife in New Video

Britney Spears sent her fans a Valentine's Tweet.

She wrote on Twitter that she plays a "super sexy" 50s housewife in her new music video for the controversial single "If You Seek Amy." (Why is it controversial? Say the title really fast, and you'll figure it out.)

"The 'If You Seek Amy' shoot was super sexy and really fun!," the pop star gushed (which is generally the tone in which she communicates). "I can't wait for you all to see it. Love Britney."

The singer reportedly dons a short blonde wig, a fitted pink top and a white skirt in the clip, a source told Showbuzz.

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"The video begins with Britney coming outside her house to hand the paparazzi an apple pie that she baked," said the source."She acts like she wants to hook up. The video is very provocative."

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