Gifts For Your Girls on V-Day!

Single Ladies everywhere are either dreading the romantic holiday of Valentine’s day or they are ready to embrace it with their BFF’s! It’s a girl’s night with lots of food, candy and cheesy movies – and even fancy wine. Since the night is missing a gift from your Valentine, why not get a nice little trinket for your girls! Here are some ideas on how to spread the love on this romantic day with your REAL soul mates.

Treat Her

From back rubs to facials and manicures and pedicures — any of these choices will please any girl, so make it special! Get her a nice massage day that you can spend together and be pampered all in one day! Find a salon in your area that you can bond and get your fantasies as a princess put to bed all in one session.

Get Comfy!

People think of Valentine’s Day as a time for a girl to spice up her wardrobe with something sexy, but why not give her the gift of comfortable pajamas! Victoria ’s Secret has a nice shirt and pant set perfect for an all girls slumber party right here. Pair the pj's with a set of nice slippers and she will be relaxed from head to toe.

Chick Picks

So, I know we’ve all seen Samantha break-up with Richard Wright a few times, but once more can’t hurt. Tell the girls to come over and all chip in and buy all six seasons of “Sex & the City” or make it an awesome 80's night with the Brat Pack collection! You can all spend the whole night watching it together over popcorn, candy and chocolate!

Feed Your Appetite

Get a bunch of your friends together and decide on some takeout! When I was in college, my friends and I would get food from our favorite food chain and pick out a few steaks and cheesecake from It has so many different things to choose from that any girl will be satisfied! Spending the night together and getting grub that tastes great is your present to your girls alone!

Toast to the Year

No party is complete without a few finishing touches – Pick up a few bottles of “Bitch” wine for all the ladies to cheers to when their famous dinner comes! You can purchase them through most liquor stores or at their Web site. Then, pair it with a few of her favorite sweet tooth treats and you are smooth sailing for the rest of the night!

Try out these tips to get your girlfriends the pampering treatment they should have on this holiday. And, don’t forget being alone on Valentine’s day has its advantages that can make this Saturday a success for you!

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