Texas Highway Sign Warns of British Invasion

A hacked electronic highway sign in northern Texas carred a warning not thought about in several centuries.

On Friday, the sign briefly flashed: "OMG The British R coming. They R watching you."

KCBD-TV reported the electronic sign was in a construction area in southwest Lubbock.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the mobile sign belongs to a contractor.

A statement from Austin Bridge & Road said someone "with a questionable sense of humor" accessed the password on the message board.

The company said the portable sign which was hacked has since been removed, after a permanent exit sign was installed.

Police had no word yet on the culprits.

According to legend, "The British are coming!" was the warning shouted out by Paul Revere on his midnight ride in April 1775 to alert American patriots that British troops were moving out of Boston to arrest their leaders.

The warnings delivered by Revere and other riders allowed the American militia to rally to repel the British in the first battles of the American Revolution. The British also invaded the United States during the War of 1812.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.