Birthday Gift Excitement Triggers Boy's Fatal Asthma Attack

A 12-year-old’s birthday celebration turned fatal when his excitement over opening presents triggered a fatal asthma attack, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Martin Glazier-Macrae, of Hathershaw in Greater Manchester, England, got out of bed Monday morning — the day of his birthday — and opened a large Lego set from his father. He soon complained of feeling faint. He seemed to recover, but the excitement was too much, and he collapsed.

Duncan Macrae tried to revive his son, but Martin was pronounced dead when he arrived at Royal Oldham Hospital.

“Martin was looking forward to his birthday and had given me his list, which I still have in my bag,” said Kathleen Macrae, Martin’s aunt, who helped raise her nephew after Martin’s mother died in 1999. “He especially liked Lego, and the more complex kits for 13- and 14-year-olds.”

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