Even though she was born 14 months ago, Suraya Brown is still the same size she was when she was a newborn — a mere 7 pounds and 19 inches tall, the Mirror has reported.

The child, nicknamed a "real life baby doll," has baffled doctors, who call her condition a "real conundrum."

Her mother, Atlanta Ruzman, says her older daughter has dolls that are larger than Suraya.

"[Doctors] consulted international experts about her case but her condition seems to be a complete mystery," said Ruzman.

Suraya was born four weeks early weighing 2.6 pounds, but specialists say nine out of 10 babies born at this stage will immediately start growing and put on weight. In Suraya’s case, she stayed at her birth weight for the first eight months and has only put on a few pounds over the past six.

Experts at various London hospitals have carried out all kinds of tests on Suraya to find out what could be wrong with her, including checks to see whether she is suffering from some form of dwarfism.

Doctors are investigating a theory that her body has become resistant to its own growth hormones. Consultant pediatrician Dr Jide Menakaya says the child's case is "highly unusual."

"I have certainly never seen anything like this and I have been in pediatrics for nearly 17 years," said Menakaya.

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