Web Site Reminds Men of Partner's PMS

One hundred thousand men worldwide have signed up for an Australian online service that reminds them when pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is about to hit their wives or girlfriends, News.com.au reported.

PMSBuddy.com, the brainchild of a 28-year-old man who said his friends were too often in fights with their girlfriends who were suffering from PMS, is designed for men who find world-class diplomacy is needed to bring up the topic of PMS with their partners.

CEO and founder Jordan Eisenberg champions the site with the slogan, "saving relationships one month at a time."

"It's hard for guys to know if they did something to piss off their lady and hard to remember when PMS is, and always awkward to confront and ask the question without coming off like a jerk,” Eisenberg told News.com.au.

Eisenberg admits some women find the idea of their cycles being "tracked" an offensive concept.

"Certainly some do," he told News.com.au. "But the majority do feel it is helpful, and the remainder at least get a kick and a laugh out of it."

Online forums show the site has stirred a lot of controversy.

Eisenberg plans to launch an iPhone application of PMSBuddy.

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