Sly Stallone Buys Restaurant to Keep Wife From Cooking

Sylvster Stallone picked a novel reason to buy a new restaurant: to keep his wife out of the kitchen.

The Rocky star joined Danny DeVito, Charlie Sheen and his Planet Hollywood restaurant partners at eatery Buca di Beppo in Hollywood on Wednesday night to celebrate its recent purchase.

"If someone said you have to eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, Irish, English, German or Italian, it’s Italian," Stallone told Fox News of Buca di Beppo's fare.

"And the beauty of this is, my wife doesn’t have to cook for a long, long time," Stallone joked. "Thank God."

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone won't have to mix any drinks, either, because the restaurant will be serving Danny DeVito's new Premium Limóncello, with a portion of the proceeds from Limoncello sales going to benefit The Heart Association.

"I’ve been drinking Limóncello for many years and then I had this little incident on 'The View' and the sales of Limóncello went up twenty percent," DeVito explained, refering to his famous bedraggled appearance on the morning show after staying out all night with George Clooney drinking Limoncello.

"[So] I figured this is America, let’s capitalize on this," DeVito continued. "I went to Sorrento. I found these beautiful organic lemons produced by a mom and pop operation over there, I’ve designed the bottle, and it's Danny DeVito’s Premium Limóncello! Mix it with champagne, mix it with vodka, mix it with tequila, mix it with mint tea. It’s lots of fun."

Luckily for DeVito, he could have as much fun as he wanted, because Charlie Sheen was on hand to drive anyone home who needed it.

"They needed a designated driver, so they called me," the sober-for-several-years Sheen joked.