Patrick Swayze Rep Denies Cancer-Stricken Actor Has Stopped Treatment

Recent reports claiming that actor Patrick Swayze has stopped medical treatment for his cancer are completely false, his rep told Thursday.

The actor, 56, who has been battling pancreatic cancer, is “continuing his treatment,” his publicist Jayme Philips told, correcting The National Enquirer’s report that doctors told him there was nothing they could do to stop the progression of his illness.

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Swayze was diagnosed last year with cancer after his doctors discovered a malignant tumor in his midsection and a small mass on his liver. Soon after, they diagnosed the Ghost star with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

His recovery has been described as miraculous, although he referred to his battle as “hell on wheels.” In an interview with Barbara Walters earlier this month, Swayze admitted to being scared and asking “why me?”

Swayze has also been praised for his admirable courage and determination through his illness — which, at his stage, often proves fatal in of months. He has continued his work on the critically acclaimed television series “The Beast,” and proclaimed that “there’s more” he wants to do.

“I want to last until they find a cure,” Swayze reportedly told Walters.

Swayze’s 81-year-old mother Patsy recently asked fans to “pray for Patrick,” telling Star magazine that he is “strong” and “determined to beat this.”

He is reportedly working on a memoir with his wife Lisa.'s Allison McGevna contributed to this report.