NYC Lawyer Charged With Stealing $4M From the Elderly, Children and the Dead

A lawyer and his firm have been charged in Manhattan of stealing more than $4 million from incapacitated and elderly people, and in one case a dead person, whose bank accounts he supervised.

Prosecutors said Wednesday Steven Rondos and Brooklyn-based Raia & Rondos P.C. were indicted on charges of grand larceny and related crimes.

The alleged crimes targeted 23 mentally and physically impaired children and elderly people and one dead person's estate from 2001 into 2008.

Several judges appointed Rondos to guardianships to handle the affairs of those people who couldn't take care of themselves.

Prosecutors say Rondos, who's 43, used the money to renovate and pay the mortgage on his Ridgewood, N.J., home.

Rondos' lawyer David Frankel did not immediately return a call for comment.