Add Kim Kardashian to the list of friends, family, and random celebrities who think Jessica Simpson looks just great, thank you very much.

"Call me crazy, but when I saw the picture, I was like, 'Oh my God, Jessica looks hot!' "
the curvy Kardashian told, refering to photos taken of the singer performing Jan. 25 in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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Not only that, Kardashian even thought the 28-year-old's ensemble was spot-on.

"I actually love the outfit. I think she looks amazing. I love high-waisted jeans, I loved that belt, and her hair looked fabulous," she said.

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Earlier in the day, Jessica's little sister Ashlee posted a note on her blog calling out Fox News specifically for reporting on the photos.

"I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister's weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman's weight or figure as a headline on Fox News," she wrote.

But the elder Simpson sister's shape may be the least of her worries, according to Star magazine, who quote a source saying that Simpson's boyfriend, Tony Romo, cheated on her in her own home.

And is reporting that the singer is being sued for $10 million in relation to a fitness video that she shot four years ago, but was never released.

And the week probably seemed so promising on Monday.