Car-respondence - Ford Escape Hybrid

Above Average

I get 35 mpg on my fully equipped ford Hybrid. It is not peppy but I have no problem accelerating up to 65mph and entering the freeways…I use cruise control whenever possible. I really love this car!

Ed O'Shaughnessy

In Demand, Not Supply

I own a 2008 Escape Hybrid and love it. I've had it for almost 2 years and have 44,000 miles on it. It took me two years of looking and talking to dealers before I bought it. The dealers never had one in stock and couldn't give me a timeframe for ordering one. They all wanted to sell me a standard (non-hybrid) Escape because that's what they had on the lot. I live in a rural area of Alabama and was told by the sales people that it wouldn't save any on gas "the way people drive around here". I finally got on the internet and found a car in Cleveland, Ohio. I purchased it over the phone and Fed-Exed all the paperwork. I flew to Cleveland and the salesman picked me up. I average between 32 and 34 MPG "the way we drive around here" and have not regretted it once. Ford could sell more hybrids if they wanted to. I worked at auto dealers for several years and know that dealers make their money in the service dept. The hybrid only calls for an oil change every 10,000 miles. The only other maintenance I've had in 44,000 miles was an air filter, wiper blades, and a fuel filter. It's obvious the service dept is not making a lot of money on me.

Bill Bedgood

Priced Out

So I'm browsing this morning like I do on a regular daily basis at work, and I noticed your article on the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Very inclusive article, I always love the ones that actually include facts versus personal opinion. Kudos to you on that one Mr. Journalist. I do want to add something though, if I may. At the end of the article you state: "The minority should be happy with their purchase, but, America, what do you really want to buy?" Well, my friend, I have your answer. People want to buy more economically friendly cars/SUVs that not only get them where they are going, but are CHEAPER AND MORE AFFORDABLE…People need cars they can buy, not cars that are just as expensive but get better MPG.

Kris Ingram


This American does perfectly fine with a modest 4 door sedan. We do not need, or want an SUV in our family. People who buy SUV's are simply egomaniacs who just want to impress the neighbors. The Ford Escape Hybrid is just another gas hog with lipstick.

Ryan Douglas

You Just Did

Hey I/m retired. Tell Ford if they would let me drive one for them they can put all the advertisements on it they like. I would keep good records of fuel mileage and twice a week I would go around and for four hours let people look at it and give them a copy of the mileage reports.Rick Plant