Pennsylvania Man Rescues Boy, 3, From Burning Home

A southeastern Pennsylvania man says he's not a hero for pulling a 3-year-old from a burning mobile home.

Forty-year-old Jamie Sheetz of Peach Bottom, 50 miles west of Philadelphia, says, "I did what a man's supposed to do."

Flames that started near a wood stove roared through David and Vernetta Irwin's trailer next door about 2 a.m. Monday.

Sheetz ran out dressed in shorts, smashed a window and grabbed 3-year-old Josh Jennings Jr., who was on his bed crying. He says as he dashed out, "the whole room went up. Five seconds, I was in and out."

The boy was in stable condition Monday night at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Relatives say he's expected to survive. Other neighbors helped the Irwins get out. A part Labrador, part Dalmatian puppy died. Sheetz has some burns but refused hospital treatment.