Documents Show Casey Anthony Joked About Drugging Caylee to Sleep

Newly-released documents in the Caylee Anthony murder investigation suggest the Florida girl's mother once joked about drugging her to get her to sleep.

The documents, which were made public on Wednesday, include reports on police interviews with a former boyfriend of the girl's mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, who is charged with killing the toddler.

The former boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, told investigators that Anthony had joked about giving Caylee baby medicine to put her to sleep, though he said Anthony appeared to have a normal relationship with her daughter, reported.

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Detectives also questioned Morales about chloroform, traces of which were found in the trunk of Anthony's car during forensic testing, according to

The state attorney's office reports also contained text messages from several of Anthony's friends expressing surprise that she had never mentioned her daughter was missing.

"Y wouldn't u tell me of all people?" wrote Anthony's most recent boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro. "Why would you lie to me thinking she was fine and with your nanny?"

Anthony's attorney Jose Baez declined to comment on the documents, reported.

Caylee was 2 years old when she disappeared in mid-June, but she wasn't reported missing until a month later by her grandparents. A utility worker found the girl's body in December in a wooded area near the family's Orlando home.

The child was buried in a laundry hamper bag and had silver duct tape around her mouth, according to the documents. The more than 300 pages of discovery include reports from police and crime scene investigators, FBI crime lab reports and transcripts of 911 calls placed by the meter reader who found the girl's remains.

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