Missouri Mom About to Get Divorce Before Disappearing

Investigators collected blood evidence and carpet samples from the home of a missing Missouri mother, who was in the process of getting a divorce when she disappeared Jan. 2, according to a court affidavit released Friday.

Police found disposable latex gloves in a coat pocket and pants pockets with various stains on them when they searched the home of Renee Pernice Jan. 8, MyFOXKC.com reported.

They also discovered a reddish stain on the ceiling and a spot in the garage that tests showed was human blood, the station reported.

Renee Pernice's husband Shon Pernice has made inconsistent statements about when he last saw her, according to court documents.

Shon Pernice told his wife's relatives that he last saw her on New Year's Day, according to the affidavit, but told detectives several days later that he last saw her on Jan. 2.

The affidavit for a search warrant says Shon Pernice, an Independence firefighter, used an electronic keycard to enter the back door of the Independence hazmat station — where solvents and other cleaning materials are stored — at 4:26 a.m. Jan. 3, even though he was not assigned to that station.

Renee Pernice, a 35-year-old nursing instructor, has two sons and a stepdaughter and is not the kind of person who would separate herself from her children for any reason, family members have told police. Investigators believe she is a victim of foul play.

On Jan. 6, detectives saw Shon Pernice drive the family minivan to a park more than a mile away from his home, drop his wife's dog off and drive away. Detectives picked up the dog after Pernice did not return.

Shon Pernice's attorney, Kevin Baldwin, said he has instructed Pernice not to comment or allow police to interview him because Pernice believes he is being blamed for his wife's disappearance.

Police found Renee Pernice's cell phone on Jan. 3 in the northeast area of Kansas City, and on Monday dozens of volunteers searched a wooded area near the Pernice home.

According to a returned search warrant, investigators found a fake Navy Seal identification card with Shon Pernice's name and photograph when they searched the family's home, which Renee Pernice bought before she married Shon.

Investigators also removed from the home satellite equipment, an external thumb drive, a nursing notebook, a pineapple-style grenade with a hollowed-out bottom and a spent fuse.

Police said Shon Pernice, who is a member of the National Guard and has served with the Army in Iraq, was scheduled to leave for a three-week military session and then was planning to move out of the home.

Investigators interviewed the mother of Shon Pernice's daughter, who visited with her dad on Jan. 2. The woman told police that her daughter sent an e-mail around 9:30 p.m. telling her that she was ready to come home and was worried because Renee Pernice was not there.

The woman said she noticed the family van parked outside the home when she picked up her daughter from the Pernice home the next morning, the affidavit said. She said that was unusual because the van was always parked in the garage, police said.

Renee Pernice is described as white, 5 feet 9 inches tall and slender, with blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair.

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