Rescue Workers Cut 700-Pound Man From Tennessee Home

Emergency crews cut a 700-pound man from his Memphis, Tenn., home Wednesday and rushed him to an area hospital after he injured his wrist trying to get out of bed.

Firefighters had to tear through a section of the house to remove Cedric Collins. Neighbors say he has not left in years.

“I haven’t seen him in about three years,” one neighbor told

Collins’ weight problems began when he was young. Family members told the FOX affiliate that he weighed 400 pounds when he was still in high school. The 50-year-old’s weight, they said, worsened because of a gland problem.

However, despite his handicap, family members said he earned an academic scholarship to Brown University, where he graduated with an engineering degree. After college, he worked as a computer programmer for the IRS in Washington, D.C., until he went on disability, partly because of his weight. He now lives with his mother.

“They’re nice people,” said a neighbor. “He’s a nice guy.”

Collins’ family said Cedric tried to get help in the past, but was turned away by several health facilities because of his large size and numerous problems.

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