Illinois House Impeaches Blagojevich -- Again

The new Illinois House has voted 117-1 to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich with his sister-in-law as the lone "no" vote.

Rep. Deborah Mell voted Wednesday not to impeach the two-term governor. Her sister is married to Blagojevich.

Wednesday's House action reaffirms the previous impeachment vote.

Illinois House Speaker spokesman Steve Brown says the second impeachment vote was needed because of the upcoming Senate trial on whether to remove Blagojevich from office. Brown says the previous vote had expired. Legislators want to be sure that his impeachment stands.

The new House began its 96th session Wednesday.

Blagojevich was first impeached by the House on Friday, more than a month after his arrest on federal charges that he tried to sell official government action for campaign contributions or a plush job.