Megan Fox Says She Wants Salma Hayek's Chest

Megan Fox thinks she's ugly.

"I'm so painfully insecure I'm on the verge of vomiting right now," the "Transformers" star told E! news on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

And while GQ did name her one of its "Men of the Year" in 2008, hearing the stunning Fox, 22, call herself a member of the opposite sex still sounded strange.

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"I'm a tranny," she insisted. "I'm a man."

Her body ideal? Apparently its Salma Hayek. As the star walked by, Megan's eyes followed.

"I really want her boobs," Fox said. "Those are the most amazing boobs."

Click for photos of Salma Hayek at the Golden Globes.

Fox was attending the star-studded affair alone, as her fiance Brian Austin Green decided not to attend so he could stay home and "work on his music."

"He doesn't want to be my date," she explained. "He's a man. He has an ego."

But so is ... she?

Now we're confused.