Family and friends of a missing Missouri mother gathered for another search for the teacher but her husband wasn't among them, reported.

Loved ones of Renee Pernice, 35, searched for evidence Monday morning but found no signs of her. A vigil was held in the bitter cold Monday night.

Pernice's husband, Army Sgt. Shon Pernice, and the couple's three children didn't participate in the search, according to He did attend the vigil, however.

Renee's family said calls to Shon have not been answered and they haven't seen the children since she disappeared Jan. 2, reported.

Shon Pernice has been speaking with police through his attorney, who said he wants his wife to be found.

Monday's search focused on a wooded area near the Pernices' home in Northland, Mo. More than 80 people participated.

Police completed the search of the couple's home on Saturday, after calling in a bomb squad to remove what turned out to be a hollowed-out, inactive hand grenade. Guns and other items were also taken from the house.

Authorities and the missing woman's family say they suspect foul play.

"It's been too long for her to not have contacted any of us, so we feel like something bad has happened," said Renee's mother Linda Lockwood. "She would never, never, never leave her kids and just not say anything to anybody."

Lockwood said she wasn't sure who was taking care of her grandchildren and hasn't been in touch with them since her daughter disappeared.

Renee Pernice's cell phone was found Jan. 3 by a homeless man near Reservoir Park in Kansas City, about 12 to 15 miles from her home, according to

She was last seen Jan. 2 by her husband, who says she left home about 9 a.m. that day but he doesn't remember where she told him she was going.

Shon Pernice recently returned from service in Iraq and has said he's been suffering from post-traumatic stress. The couple had been having marital problems.

Anyone with any information about the missing woman is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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