Car-respondence - Favorite 5

Sweet Ride

I test drove an Elise last year. Pure bliss! It feels like a road-going go cart. Despite its feminine name it is a feral little b***h!

Tim Garvey

One for the Ages

[The Pontiac G8 is] a great car. They waited too long for me. I am now 84 years old. I drive a Bonneville SLE that I love that gives me 20mpg in city and 30 on the road. if the G-8 was here 4 years ago I would own it.

George Peros

Dissenting Opinion

1. Porsche Cayenne GTS

2. BMW 1 Series

3. AMG C-Class from Mercedes Benz

4. Mercury MKX

5. Dodge Challenger

Kevin D. Cox

FCR: It’s actually a Lincoln MKX, but you already knew that, right?