Jen Aniston Is the Most Famous, Famous Gal of 2008

You don't have to feel sorry for Jen anymore.

The much-beleaguered ex-wife of camera-addict Brad Pitt finally came out swinging against home wrecker Angelina Jolie, found herself a guy who's funny in a positive way (sorry Vince), and was the belle of the ball on Christmas when her holiday movie "Marley & Me" beat all comers (including Brad).

Add to that trifecta the two most talked about magazine covers of the year - her now famous naked-wearing-only-a-tie turn on the December GQ, and her November Vogue cover where she said Angelina Jolie "wasn't cool" - a hilarious cameo on "30 Rock," and one of David Letterman's most talked about guest spots, and Jen proved that whatever she touched in 2008 turned into instant publicity gold.

So congratulations Jen - because all of these celebrity accomplishments add up to one thing: you are's Most Famous, Famous Gal of 2008!

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And the year started off so rocky for Aniston, which only made her late-2008 surge the more remarkable.

Jen was coming off of a 2007 that saw her star in a grand total of zero movies. A series of much-touted flops and semi-flops in 2005 and 2006 ("The Break-Up," "Derailed," "Friends With Money") had rendered her radioactive in Hollywood.

Not only that, the semi-flop "The Break-Up" had included a real-life break-up from co-star and boyfriend Vince Vaughn.

Enter John Mayer.

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The then-30-year old singer-songwriter and the 39-year old actress began dating in May, and from the start, her flirty relationship with Jessica Simpson's chatty ex was like a modern-day romcom compared to the sturm und drang of her relationship with the puffy, brooding Vaughn.

Until they broke up and Mayer wrote on his MySpace page (notice the age difference?) that he didn't want to "waste somebody's time if something's not right," that is.

The old Jen would have gone into hiding.

The new Jen? She got back together with him.

She even confirmed it.

On Oprah.

She also took the publicity nightmare for her make-or-break holiday movie "Marley & Me" head on.

Her co-star Owen Wilson had attempted suicide in 2007, a tough fact to gloss over with when you're on a press tour selling a light-hearted comedy about a couple and their rambunctious dog. Aniston did not shrink from the challenge, plowing into their joint interviews with grace and honesty, plugging their movie while defending her still-sensitive co-star from questions he was not yet able to deal with.

It showed class, spunk, and fearlessness. And it paid off. "Marley & Me" made $52 million in four days, and made Jen a box office darling once again.

Can Jen match her 2008 with an even stronger 2009? Well, she's starring in two movies, including the much anticipated "He's Just Not That Into You," she and John Mayer seem to be having a blast together, all while watching her exhausted ex-husband get saddled with six kids!

It's good to be Jen in 2008.