Husband Urges Men Who Slept With His Wife to Get HIV Test

A Canadian man is urging others who may have slept with his Thai stripper ex-wife to get tested for the HIV virus after she passed it on to him, according to a report in the Toronto Sun.

"I know there were other men she slept with," Percy Whiteman told the Sun on Sunday. "I am lucky that I was able to find out early."

Whiteman has presented no public evidence to back up his allegations that his former wife, Suwalee Imkhong, 39, had sex with other men.

Whiteman said learned her HIV status when she fell ill in 2004. She was convicted of criminal negligence causing bodily harm for infecting Whiteman with HIV and was sentenced to three years in jail in August 2007, the Sun reported.

Imkhong came to Canada in 1995 and was a dancer at the Zanzibar Tavern in Toronto until 2004. She married Whiteman in 1997. "She should have been deported a long time ago for what she's done to others," Whiteman told the Sun. "I don't think justice was fully served."

Imkhong faces deportation for having a criminal record and not being a Canadian citizen, the newspaper reported.

"She lied and she put someone's life at stake," Whitman said. "I've gotten a life sentence and I know there are others out there."

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