Man Tells Court 70 Ecstasy Tablets Were Birth Control Pills for His Dog

An Australian businessman who pleaded guilty to methamphetamine charges refused to cop a plea for possessing more than 70 Ecstasy tablets Monday because he thought they were birth control pills for his dog, he told a court.

Steven James Dwyer, 48, was found guilty of the charge nonetheless, as a judge said he did not find Dwyer's excuse "reasonable," Northern Territory News reported.

The father of four told the court he got the Ecstasy tablets at a laundromat, where another man told him the pills would stop his pet Shar Pei from breeding.

"I knew she was due to come on heat. I thought, 'That'll be very handy for her'," he said, claiming no money had changed hands, the Northern Territory News Reported.

Police caught Dwyer with 23.5g of Ecstasy under the front passenger seat of his car and 5g of methamphetamine in his pants pocket, according to the paper, and received a 2-month suspended sentence from the judge.

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