Britney Spears' Driving Could Be Los Angeles Election Issue

Britney Spears may soon be starring in political ads in Los Angeles if voters give a campaign centered on her driving record the green light.

A candidate in the race for city district attorney is wondering whether his opponent’s failed attempt to prosecute Spears on a traffic misdemeanor will win him votes, reports.

A poll, paid for by L.A. city council member Jack Weiss’ campaign, asks registered voters to weigh in on Deputy City Attorney Michael Amerian’s case against Spears for her 2007 hit-and-run case.

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Weiss tries to characterize the unsuccessful driving-without-a-license prosecution as a political stunt, according to ABC.

"Amerian prosecuted singer Britney Spears for driving with an out-of-state driver's license," pollsters reportedly tell voters. "Normally, people get a ticket for this but Amerian tried to give Spears a criminal record.”

Weiss' workers also remind voters that the judge dismissed the case and Amerian was lambasted for "using Spears to draw attention to his political campaign."

Spears was caught in paparazzi photos in August 2007 hitting a parked car and leaving the scene.

While she settled the hit-and-run case, Amerian filed criminal charges against Spears. He argued that the pop star lived in L.A. but failed to get her California driver’s license updated.

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