Dating Advice Duel: Tila Tequila and Nine-Year-Old Boy Square Off

Are you buying presents for any singletons this year?

There are two books out right now that claim to know the secret to winning the attention of the opposite sex.

One, "How to Talk to Girls," ($9.99/HarperCollins) is written by 9-year-old lothario Alec Greven, who originally wrote the book for a class project.

The other, "Hooking Up With Tila Tequila," ($26/Scribner) is penned by bisexual reality TV star and Internet sensation Tila Tequila, who often appears in public semi-clothed.

So who has the best advice? Let's take a look.

How to Behave Around the Opposite Sex

Tila Tequila: "If you're out on a date and you're nervous, just smile. He'll think you're relaxed, and maybe you'll even fool yourself."

Alec Greven: "If you have behavior problems, copy a boy you think is cool, and act exactly like him."

Verdict: They agree!?!

How to Play the Game

Tila Tequila: "Don't be clingy or needy. But after a while, if you end up liking this guy, and he really likes you, it's important to stop that game of being too unavailable. There's a balance."

Alec Greven: "Don't act desperate. Girls don't like desperate boys." "Control your hyperness (cut down on sugar if you need to.)"

Verdict: They agree again! Be cool, fool.

Getting Physical

Alec Greven: "Show off a skill, like playing soccer."

Tila Tequila: "F*** like a porn star."

Verdict: Um, er, next!

Finding Who Is Right for You

Alec Greven: "Some girls are wild. Most girls like polite boys, but not the wild ones. If the girl you like is wild, act just like her."

Tila Tequila: "Growing up, guys never asked me out. I used to be like 'What is wrong with me?' Looking back, I can see I was being WAY too aggressive. The more they backed up, the more I was in their face. Boys at that age weren't ready for such a confident girl."

Vedict: Alec seems to be right on the money with the "wild" thing.

The Balance of Power

Tila Tequila: "USE your personality. Laugh, smile, dance. It's okay to get a little aggressive even. Draw the attention toward you, and act like you don't have a care in the world!"

Alec Greven : "You have to be aware that girls win most of the arguments and have most of the power. If you know that now, things might be easier."

Verdict: Alec is right again.

And The Winner Is...

The dating public. Alec and Tequila agree on a surprising number of points, proving once and for all that girls and boys can get along if they just pretend to be who they are not, hide their true feelings, and realize that the girl is always right.

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