Who's Posing as Both Obamas In This Photo?

Guess which drag queen dressed up as both Michelle and Barack Obama for a photograph to support his new show?

No, not Dustin Hoffman from "Tootsie." Not Robin Williams from "Mrs Doubtfire."

It's RuPaul.

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Apparently RuPaul will be both his co-host..., er her co-host..., um, oh we give up.

RuPaul will be cohosting the Logo reality series "RuPaul's Drag Race" as both the nasty judge RuPaul in glamazon drag, and as the helpful Mr. RuPaul, who sagely guides the contestants through their challenges.

(For you "Project Runway" devotees, RuPaul basically plays Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn.)

If it's half as hilarious as this photo, it has a shot.