The judge in the case of missing Florida toddler Caylee Anthony postponed her mother's murder trial, which was scheduled to begin Jan. 5.

Ninth Circuit Judge Stan Strickland complied Thursday with a request by Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez to put off the start date of her trial until March. He set another hearing for Jan. 15.

Baez also asked for a change of venue.

"We've done extensive research, which is why the motion hasn't been filed yet," he ahead of Thursday's status hearing. "We want to be able to analyze coverage in all the media markets in the state of Florida."

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Earlier this week, Baez said he was seeking a court order for surveillance video from a local mall taken the day of a reported sighting of the girl.

Jose Baez is asking the Florida Mall be ordered to turn over the footage captured in November in a play area of the Orlando shopping center, where an employee says she snapped a photo of a Caylee look-alike.

The 3-year-old was last seen in June. Anthony, 22, is behind bars on first-degree murder charges. Prosecutors said last week they won't seek the death penalty.

The photo was taken Nov. 16 by mall employee Halima Solomita, according to

Solomita told the station that she tried to call Crimeline but was kept on hold for 20 minutes.

"I took my last cell phone picture as the woman [accompanying the little girl] tried to cover her head with her arm to hide from me taking her picture," Solomita said.

The Anthony family wants to see mall surveillance footage of the day the photo was taken. Last month, they hired a private investigator to look into whether the picture of the possible sighting might have merit.

Caylee's family did not report her missing until July, about a month after she was last seen. She is presumed dead by authorities, who believe she was killed by her mother.

Anthony has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators about the disappearance of her daughter.

She faces life in prison if convicted.

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