The Top Celebrity Names of 2008

The headlines for 2008 were filled with names we loved reading about, some that shocked us and some that we are just downright sick of hearing.

But which names garnered the most attention this year and what does that mean for the country's social climate?

The celebrity name experts at helped pick the top ten names of the year:

10. CASH — With the sinking economy, it's no surprise that thousands of parents decided to name their little bundles Cash.

9. SASHA — Everyone’s making a fuss over the names of older Obama daughter Malia and power-named mom Michelle, but Sasha, short for Natasha Obama, is a more worthy Name of the Year.

8. BRONX — Without a doubt, the craziest starbaby name this year, but we aren't so sure this one will catch on with non-celebrity baby namers, especially with a middle name like Mowgli!

7. JANUARY— "Mad Men" actress January Jones' name is a modern name that brings together the old on the new. It also fits in line with the new trend of calendar related names such as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's daughter Sunday Rose and such newly-stylish choices as May, June, August, and Winter.

6. TRIG — Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was a maverick baby namer, with the choices she made for her five children receiving nearly as much attention as her wardrobe and her televised gaffes. Infant son Trig’s name is Norse for “strength” and middle name Paxson is another Alaska place name.

5. EDWARD — The alluring vampire hero of Stephenie Myers’ Twilight series has made a an old-fashioned classic hip and new again.

4. RUBY -- The new hipster generation of moms and dads are making quirky and long-dormant names like Ruby stylish.

3.JOE -- With Joe the Plumber (real name Sam), Joe Biden and Joe Six-pack on the lips of candidates on both sides, Joe was 2008's Everyman name.

2. MILEY -- Her original given name may be Destiny, but Miley Cyrus' dad Billy Ray nicknamed his daughter Miley because she was so smiley. We are pretty sure the starlet has even more to smile about these days, not only with the success of Hannah Montana, but also with her name becoming one of the fastest rising girl's names.

1. BARACK -- Who better than our next president to top the list? So how did an unkown Hebrew/Arabic/Swahili name that means thunderbolt, lightning and/or blessing inspire a wave of baby nicknames? Maybe because Barack is exactly the kind of singular, ethnic, family name that the next generation of parents is bound to celebrate.

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