Something to Look Forward to: Retirees Have Less Sex, Do More Housework, Survey Finds

A recent survey conducted by senior citizen group AARP found that retired Americans are happier even though they are having less sex and doing more housework, Reuters reported Thursday.

Thirty-eight percent of the respondents, ages 55 – 75, said their relationships were made stronger by retirement, despite the fact they were sleeping more and watching more television.

Despite an increase in leisure time, 25 percent of men and 19 percent of women in the survey said they had less sex during retirement than when they were working.

It appears men are spending their free time doing household chores: 80 percent of retired men said they had increased their chore workload, but only 47 percent of women still working said their retired mates were doing more to help out.

Despite the difference, 74 percent of respondents agreed they were happier, compared to 21 percent who said retirement led to more tension.

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