Ivana Trump likes them young.

In fact, if you add up the ages of her estranged husband and her current squeeze, they still haven't been on the planet as long as she has.

Two days after announcing her separation from 35-year-old husband Rossano Rubicon, Ivana, 59, was hugging and kissing 22-year-old -year-old French model John-David Dery at an awards party in Paris.

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Between nuzzles and pecks, an elated-looking Ivana even grabbed the guitar of a roaming musician and whooped it up like a woman in her twenties.

The ex-wife of billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump has been married three times. In explaining her latest split, she said: "Rossano wants to live in Miami and work in Milan. But, I am a New Yorker and my family, friends and businesses are here. As the beautiful song says, `Que sera sera!'"

Maybe that's the song she was singing on that guitar?