Mumbai Terror Suspect's Arrest Captured on Video

FOX News sister network Sky News has obtained exclusive footage of the moment security services captured the man said to be the only surviving terrorist behind the Mumbai attacks.

The footage, which was captured on a mobile phone, shows a furious crowd beating the alleged terrorist, Ajmal Qasab, before he is taken away.

It allegedly shows him with other gunmen on Marine Drive, a few streets away from the train station where the group had just carried out a killing spree.

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Fleeing the scene of the carnage, the gunmen were forced to stop because the tyres of their getaway car had blown out.

Within seconds, they were surrounded by unarmed police.

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At least 172 people were killed and hundreds more hurt when 10 militants armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked sites across the Indian city last week.

Sky reporter Ashish Joshi, in Mumbai, said: "Officers told them to come out of the car with their hands up. They did, but Qasab had a gun between his legs which he then brought out and shot three officers dead.

"It was seen by passers-by who shouted 'Look, look, they're killing police officers' and then suddenly from every direction a mob gathered.

"They over-powered him and started beating and attacking him. Then another police unit arrived and he was arrested."

A senior Indian police officer said Qasab - who has been referred to by different names in various reports - later told interrogators he belonged to a Pakistani militant group with links to the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.

Joint police commissioner Rakesh Maria said Qasab admitted he had been trained at a Lashkar-e-Taiba camp in Pakistan.

The group has long been seen as a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service to help fight India in Kashmir.

It was banned in Pakistan in 2002 after pressure from the U.S., a year after Washington and Britain listed it a terrorist group.

The bloody attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) have sparked fears of a confrontation between the two countries, both of which have nuclear weapons.