Car-respondence - Audi S5

You Can Have it All…Wheel Drive

Great article on the S5!I owned an A4 and had a just few minor complaints. One being: They weigh too much. Not knowing how much weight was saved in the S4 vs. the A4, I still can't help but think, 'could they have made this car out of aluminum' and yet affordable like the A8?...Living in the south I'll never need AWD or 4WD, so for now until Audi overcomes its obsession with AWD, I'm on the fence unless they will consider at the least a RWD variant of a few of their products.

Richard Fagan

A Looker

It looks impressive, I’d like a shot at a test drive but until then, I’ll stay with my 5 Series BMW.

Thomas Wharton

This Little Piggy

What a time to launch another gas hog!!

Charles Morgan

Good Point

Good Article…Yes the sunroof is one of the issues I have with my car. It needs to have the ability to slide back and open up. I have yet to find any other thing wrong with my car.

Todd Buschelman

Short Changed

As a sexy sport sedan I think the R5 comes up short on nearly every front. It shares too much in common with its cheaper brothers in the styling department to easily be mistaken for one by the average person. …If you're a performance guru you will want the BMW, if you want safety and AWD you buy a Subaru WRX, which will only set you back about $35k for the top notch model…If the S5 is the only thing within your budget from Audi then walk across the street to the Chevrolet dealership and buy a Corvette for the same price. You'll be glad you did.

Shane Singleton