San Francisco 49ers Reject Condoleezza Rice Rumor

Maybe they meant Jerry Rice.

The football world was abuzz Sunday after an NFL Network report that the San Francisco 49ers were looking to bring on Condoleezza Rice as the team’s president. But the team has refuted the report that the secretary of state would join the team's upper management.

When asked about the NFL Network report, team spokesman Aaron Salkin told The San Jose Mercury News that the 49ers “have our office structure in place.”

Perhaps they could do worse. Rice, a Stanford grad, is friends with 49ers player and NFL Director of Operations Gene Washington, The Sporting News reported.

Rice wouldn't be the first Bush Administration official to work with the Niners. The team brought in ex-Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer to training camp to talk to players about how to handle the media, The Mercury News reported.

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