Take a Break Without Leaving Your Desk

Work—it feels like we spend more time sitting in front of a computer screen than with our families and friends. It can be very draining to stare for 10 plus hours at our computers, especially when we’re stressed out. There are those lucky days when we get to step outside to take a walk around the block or head to the gym during lunch to clear our heads. But lately those days have been few and far between. Instead we feel chained to our desk chairs, experiencing the stress mount, with no escape in sight. Not to mention the terrible “I’ve been staring at my computer too long” headaches. Ouch! So what can we do to de-stress if throwing our monitors out the window isn’t an option?

We take a virtual break. Spending five to ten minutes a day to check out some of the Web sites below allows us to take a step back from the endless e-mails, the excel sheets and the multiple windows that keep popping up. We put together some of our favorite stress-relieving Web sites that are updated daily to help you through your day:

1. New York Magazine’s Daily Intel: You don’t have to be a New Yorker to appreciate this section of New York Magazine’s Web site dedicated to politics, city life, gossip and the latest media news.

2. MSN Horoscopes: If you’re having a rough day, why not let the stars work for you? Perhaps a raise is in the near future or your pesky co-worker will finally leave you alone. Even better—maybe you’ll be inspired to book that last minute trip to Tahiti .

3. Daily Candy: Catering to twelve different cities this newsletter provides the scoop on the latest restaurants, fashion and food. Tip: Check out their weekend guide for your city. It will help you get through the rest of the week.

4. Store Adore: If you love to shop this is the place for you. Store Adore is an online guide to the coolest and trendiest stores near you. When you’re stuck at your desk and need a break, why not map out where you can go shopping this weekend? Tip: Check out their store discounts for members. Saving money and de-stressing—it couldn’t get any better.

5. Perez Hilton, TMZ and E! Online: Okay, you aren’t having the best day, but compared to some of these celebrities you’re in good shape. These Web sites have the juiciest gossip and the most entertaining writers. Just reading Perez’s amusing celebrity nicknames are enough to get you through the day. Zacquisha? Maniston? Come on, you have to admit they are funny.

6. Funny or Die: If all else fails click on for a good laugh. The Web site is packed with videos and you can vote on what you deem funny and what deserves to "die." You are critiqued enough at work. Finally it’s a chance for you to do some evaluating.

7. iMag, of course! This one comes highly recommended and from clicking on to the Web site you already know we have great original content on fashion, beauty, health, and fitness (just to name a few.) Check back every day to see what new in the Daily Dish. Tip: You won't want to miss our new feature, “Today’s Quick Tip,” for simple and easy tips for your everyday life. And don’t forget to join our facebook group to get the latest news on iMag.

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