Heather Mills Blows $10 Million of Divorce Settlement in 7 Months

Heather Mills has blown more than $10 million of her huge divorce settlement from Paul McCartney in only seven months, The Sun is reporting.

She spent the dosh on plush properties, lavish holidays and a staff wages bill of $ 800,000.

The former porn star — dubbed Mucca — was awarded close to $50 million in March after her six-year marriage to former Beatles singer Paul McCartney, 66.

But she is getting through her fortune at such a rate that she had talks with Macca about him buying her $6 million home because she claimed she could no longer afford to run it.

Sir Paul is eager for her to stay at the luxury estate in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, because the couple’s four-year-old daughter Beatrice is happy there.

Mills, 40, has spent more than $1 million so far on renovations.

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